A small group of professional, working writers. We all need feedback & support, right? I tried this locally but was not satisfied. If yer interested chime in below or email me @ chriskubica@gmail.com.
  1. Small group
  2. Professional, working writers
  3. Screenplays, treatments, fiction (what else?). Maybe different small groups for each of these
  4. Confidential/private/mutual non-disclosure (in writing. I'm serious about this. Very important.)
  5. Free
  6. Feedback/workshop on craft on an ongoing basis
  7. Virtual, with maybe occasional in-person meetups if we're near each other
  8. Maybe Google Hangout workshops sometimes
  9. Hopefully a long term group
  10. Sharing writing tips/good reads/resources on craft
  11. Networking
  12. Give feedback to get feedback
  13. It's always about writing excellence, not about egos/who's who
  14. Occasional talks/lectures from other writers
  15. Readings (to each other)