1. Fly a plane
  2. Play bridge
  3. Speak French
  4. Scuba dive
    But not anywhere where sharks will chomp you
  5. Read Old English
    I took a class once and so know the basics, but it isn't enough
  6. Play the piano well
  7. Program expertly in Ruby/Rails
  8. Direct a feature-length movie
  9. Film (with good gear) a feature-length movie
  10. Make awesome paella
  11. Edit a feature-length movie
  12. Do a cartwheel
  13. Walk on my hands
  14. Spin straw into gold
  15. Build cool things with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino
  16. Actually meditate
  17. Have better memory/recall
  18. Use Adobe InDesign
  19. Be better at knowing when people need comforting vs. problem-solving