I just went to the dentist and they took my blood pressure and it was 144/95. And my pulse was 100. Please help me live longer. Thanks.
  1. Niacin
    It's good for you many more ways, but it usually helps with this as an added bonus.
    Suggested by @eliolsberg
  2. Talk with someone you love as to why you are seeking medical advice on TLA.
    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  3. Meditate
    Seriously. Research published in NIH and Nature suggest transcendental meditation lowers blood pressure.
    Suggested by @r
  4. Exercise? A good stress reliever, good for your heart and pulse, good for your body, generally helps you live longer and be happier.
    Suggested by @pocketpenguin
  5. ⬆️veg, fruit, fatty fish, walnuts, olive oil, dark chocolate. ⬆️cardio by an extra 15 min/day🏃🏻🌺🌺try to mediate, even a little. 😌don't worry:
    Suggested by @molliekatzen
  6. That was supposed to be meditate, but mediating can't hurt either.
    Suggested by @molliekatzen