1. Start of rant
  2. I hate hate hate when anyone uses the term "Nazi" for anything other than to refer to actual Nazis.
  3. I especially hate it when "Nazi" is used lightly
  4. As in:
  5. "I tried to get Benny to return my book, but I wasn't a Nazi about it."
  6. Or:
  7. "Don't be such a Nazi about who I can and can't invite over to our apartment."
  8. Nazis are not funny.
  9. Naziism is not to be taken lightly.
  10. Unless you are literally trying to compare someone to a racist, genocidal, maniacal, totalitarian war criminal, don't use "Nazi."
  11. This is just me. I'm glad we have freedom of speech.
  12. But this kind of speech is, I think, insensitive and icky to me.
  13. Thanks for reading
  14. End of rant