1. I went with @jfout to a wedding
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  2. We took a cab from the airport
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  3. This was our airbnb room
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  4. We went for a walk
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  5. I had this latte
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  6. We read books
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  7. Independence Hall = too crowded to actually go in
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    Which is a shame given how much I love Freedom
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  9. We went to the Mutter Museum and saw exploded human embryo skeletons
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  10. Jules spit water into the Schuylkill River
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  11. This bridge/elevated train
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  12. This crane
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  13. The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology
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  14. Hi. We're waiting for our Uber.
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  15. AwwwwwWWWWW
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  16. Fancy drinks
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  17. Morning coffee
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  18. Brain food
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  19. Reading like a boss
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  20. 47-mile long* line to see the Liberty Bell I did not get in
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  21. BF is our BFF
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  22. Elfreth's Alley
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  23. Cheese steak
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  24. Cheez Whiz?
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  25. Cheese Steak
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    This photo shows how vain I am not
  26. Yay Philly!
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  27. D'awwwwww
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