(What do *you* wonder?)
  1. Have I already eaten the best slice of tiramisu I will ever eat or is the most delicious slice yet to come?
  2. Why do birds always sing the same song? Don't they get sick of it?
  3. What's half way between a fork and a spork?
  4. Why do they put Pull handles on the Push side of doors?
  5. Why do so many people still believe in God?
  6. Can the story and the story-within-a-story be the same story (or is that like crossing the streams)?
  7. How can Kafka's diary entries be so bright and sunny one moment ("Tonight I make marmalade!") and so despairingly pitch dark the next ("My writing this eve is as black as a beetle's nether parts.")
  8. What does the constellation Orion look like from other far-off vantage points in the universe?
  9. Will I make it all the way through the IMDB Top 500 Movies of All Time?
  10. How many readings will it take me to fully understand James Joyce's ULYSSES (I haven't read it even once yet...I'm too intimidated!)
  11. Is time more like a one-way arrow or a tree with an infinite number of branches and roots?
  12. What will you think if I open a parentheses and don't close them like this (
  13. Why is every human I know so anxious nowadays?
  14. Is it safe?
    Marathon Man reference
  15. What will be the manner of my death?
  16. Will my kids treasure my paper book collection or see it as a (literally) heavy liability?