Elephant and Piggie After Dark
  1. Who is in my pants?
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  2. I have to pee!
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  3. I will get a tattoo!
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  4. We are in a whore house!
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  5. Can I have a hit?
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  6. Should I share my alcohol?
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  7. There is a demon in your soul!
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  8. Let's hijack a plane!
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  9. A big guy took my virginity!
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  10. I broke my bong!
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  11. There is a gerbil in your butt!
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  12. I'm a vagrant!
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  13. Elephant cannot hold his liquor!
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  14. Pigs make me hungry!
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  15. I love my new sex toy!
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  16. Watch me throw a fit!
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