For the species with infinite varieties
  1. One little pinch of pulp
  2. All pulp
  3. Just 5 whole oranges in a jug
  4. OMG pulp
  5. OJ but with *grapefruit* pulp
  6. Random amount of pulp
  7. Pulp Surprise
  8. Several slices of orange floating in here with the juice
  9. Meh pulp
  10. Maybe there's pulp, maybe there isn't
  11. What's it to you how much pulp?
  12. All pulp is no pulp. Zen pulp.
  13. 1.44 cups of pulp
  14. Free-range, organic, grass-fed pulp
  15. Caffeinated pulp
  16. Orange peel pulp
  17. Pulp-at-the-bottom
  18. Frozen pulp
  19. Reconstituted pulp
  20. Rainbow Pulp
  21. Pre-chewed pulp
  22. Whole-grain pulp
  23. Orange-free pulp
  24. Deep-fried pulp
  25. Soy pulp
  26. Western-style pulp
  27. Unripe pulp
  28. Pulp-fried pulp
  29. Fictional pulp
    Suggested by   @evanp
  30. Wood pulp
    Suggested by   @evanp
  31. I Can't Believe It's Not Pulp
    Sorry, last one
    Suggested by   @evanp
  32. Jugo de naranja con pulpo
    Orange juice with octopus
    Suggested by   @evanp