This is just the most list-worthy stuff.
  1. Thomas Pynchon's fictional Trystero made real on the Internet when all his books were released as ebooks. No, I did not get to meet him.
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  2. An iPad app for a dead body courier service
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  3. Software to compute how much manure seeping into a body of water is a safe amount of manure
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    Haha safe amount of manure. And who knew that male turkeys pooped almost twice as much as female turkeys!
  4. An app to predict winning Powerball numbers
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    If it had worked, I would be retired in the Riviera and not making a list about it
  5. A database to help a guy keep track of his pornographic photograph collection
  6. A text-based adventure game based in The Princess Bride universe
    You are standing next to the Cliffs of Insanity. There is some thick rope here. Over the edge of the cliff, you hear climbing sounds.
  7. An app that keeps track of millions of cryovials of deadly toxins for the Department of Homeland Security and that is all I'm allowed to say about it
  8. An iPad app that computes the legal minimum amount of food that you need to feed children at day care centers in North Carolina
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    Which makes me very sad. "Legal minimum amount." 😥
  9. Software that keeps track of all the art/icons that get printed on kitchen appliances (like the buttons on a microwave)
  10. Software that assesses how suicidal someone is feeling.
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  11. An iPad app flight log for private jet owners
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  12. A database of before and after pictures of boob jobs for a plastic surgeon. 😻
  13. An iPad app for home inspectors.
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  14. Software for designing and manufacturing socks
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