1. Arrrr, me maties, may yer muskets be true; it be bullet point one!
  2. The bilge rats be swarmin' in the reekin' water of list bullet the second!
  3. Ah the land lubbers of bullet three stink of dirty grog flagons!
  4. Avast, me proud beauty, who be blarin' on the hornpipe in list bullet four?
  5. Blow me down, the chum is foul in the aft quarter of bullet five
  6. The cannonballs of bullet six will soon be fired upon yer portal, ye scurvy dog!
  7. Seven barnacles for lucky bullet seven, Blue Beard's urchin-slimed under-britches
  8. Sheath yer cutlass in 'er scabbard in honor a list point eight, ya shiverin' timber ya!
  9. Nine treasures be hid un'er the ✖️ of list point nine!
  10. This list be done. Now ta drop me rusty anchor in yer marshy lagoon, m'lass! Arrrrrrrrrrh!