As far as I recall.
  1. Paperboy
    Delivered the free classified ad paper to my neighborhood
  2. Bus boy at Mary's Family Restaurant
    I hated cleaning up after old people
  3. Custard stand attendant at Mary's Family Restaurant
    Worked with a hot girl who I went high school with and when she bent over to scoop custard out of the cooler, I could see her boobs.
  4. Sales clerk at Pet World
    They always made me clean all the rodent cages all day
  5. Sales clerk at Toys R Us
  6. Sales clerk at a video store
    VHS tapes. When I was on duty, I'd play The Princess Bride over and over again.
  7. Various secretary jobs at the University of Minnesota
  8. Night security officer at the University of Minnesota
    Busted a lot of parties and would not write them up if they shared their pot with me.
  9. Warehouse worker (summer temp job)
  10. Landscaping worker (summer temp job)
    Literally swept a street for two weeks at a paper mill
  11. Lithography plant grunt worker (summer temp job)
  12. Pizza delivery guy
    My first job after getting my college degree in theatre arts and cultural studies/comparative literature
  13. Secretary at Madison Area Technical College
  14. Office temp in Chicago
  15. Literary magazine edior
  16. Marketing assistant at an architecture firm
    Only job from which I was fired. My boss hated me.
  17. Freelance FileMaker developer
  18. Book Editor
  19. Team leader of FileMaker Development for a
  20. Writer
  21. Freelance FileMaker/iOS/Web developer
    My day job since 1997!
  22. Associate movie producer
  23. Public speaker
    I speak at Apple Stores and at eBook publishing conferences