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  2. How to eat a laptop
  3. Piranhas and you
  4. Ten ways to fall to your death
  5. Differences between Oregon and Russia
  6. How to kill your Grandma
  7. Smarty Rolls for Dummies
  8. The no-hour work week
  9. Beef Stew for the vegan soul
  10. Amish electronics repair guide
  11. The art of the precambrian era
  12. 101 cockroach and rat recipes
  13. 50 recipes for no-topping pizzas
  14. How to fillet a human
  15. Robots from the 1700s
  16. A complete history of stress
  17. How to kill a king with a cob of corn
  18. Decorating for the apocolypse
  19. Where I am: by Jimmy Hoffa
  20. Make your own case for your iPhone case
  21. Finnegan's Wake: expanded edition
  22. The encyclopedia of encyclopedias
  23. Rejected wikipedia edits
  24. We are in prison! by Mo Willems
  25. Ruined negatives by Richard Avedon
  26. The ten best elephant trunks
  27. The FATA region of Pakistan on €1 a day
  28. How to join ISIS
  29. Let's start a Cold War!
  30. Ten great diseases to get on purpose
  31. Women are from Pluto, Men are from the Oort Cloud
  32. Thoughts of the brain dead
  33. Religion for Atheists
  34. Dead cats, illustrated
  35. The blank page coloring book
  36. The penthouse letters of octogenarians
  37. Spit: a love story
  38. Ear wax farming
  39. 101 jokes you won't get
  40. The pet Republican handbook
  41. The all water diet
  42. How to dismember yourself
  43. Disney centerfolds
  44. The nuclear winter cookbook
  45. Funny tax forms
  46. How to annoy your parole officer
  47. Crimes you can commit in one weekend
  48. Pyramid scheme ideas
  49. Meth lab science projects for kids
  50. Subway upskirt photography basics
  51. Cartooning with blood
  52. Secrets to tweeting more than 140 characters per tweet
  53. Martha Stewart's Empty dessert plates
  54. Cybersecurity for your smart dishwasher
  55. Sexual positions when you are stuck in an elevator
  56. When the crayons quit heroin
  57. So you're floating in space
  58. Good grammer four theyre bedt sen tences fer your colage classers (
  59. A weekend on the great pacific garbage patch
  60. Take great photos of Pluto
  61. My snuggle by Karl Ove Knausgård
  62. My ~32 days as president by William Henry Harrison
  63. The animated sloth flipbook
  64. The same sentence in all known languages
  65. The PHP programmer's kama sutra
  66. One fish, two fish, red fish, antidisestablishmentarianism fish
  67. The elevensies and second breakfast cookbook
  68. Edison's inventions that will electrocute you
  69. What to expect when you're expecting to be waterboarded
  70. The Da Vinci Coca-Cola by Dan brown and the coca-cola company of brands inc. ltd
  71. How to f*ck your dog
  72. How to bathe with mustard
  73. Totally obvious concepts by Malcolm Gladwell
  74. Why sudoku sucks
  75. My favorite processed foods by Michael Pollan
  76. Facts that are wrong
  77. Dead birdwatching
  78. Sidewalk cookin'
  79. Rhymes with orange
  80. Setting up your human skin art Etsy store
  81. Wines that are gag-inducing from Tuscany
  82. Fracking and you
  83. How to build a toothpick
  84. All the sounds giraffes make
  85. The best bubblegum bubbles ever blown
  86. Greatest moments in spot-welding
  87. Social media on the toilet
  88. How to delete Minecraft for good
  89. 25 projects for your old Microsoft Zune
  90. (List inspired by an old George Carlin bit)