(It is 2:35 AM and I'd like to be asleep. Hopefully, writing the following fiction will help.)
  1. ❌Okay, platform...13. This is it. This is your platform. And mine is just a few platforms down.
  2. ⭕️When does your train leave?
  3. ❌Ummm, let me see. In 30 minutes. At 10:45. When does yours leave?
  4. ⭕️In 15 minutes. We just made it for me. Woof. I'm like so sweaty right now. They will probably start boarding in a minute here.
  5. ❌Yeah, so. Hi.
  6. ⭕️Haha. Hi, you.
  7. ❌I'm really going to miss you, Izzie.
  8. ⭕️I'm going to miss you. But. This is good. This is what we need.
  9. ❌We do, huh?
  10. ⭕️Dude, we've talked about this so much. There isn't even anything left to say. We have literally said every single thing.
  11. ❌I know. We have, I know.
  12. ⭕️We had a good run, you know? But we want different things. You want different things than I want. When we try to be together, we hurt the shit out of each other. I'm actually really surprised that we pulled off going to the train station together on speaking terms.
  13. ❌How did we manage to do that, anyway?
  14. ⭕️Ummm, nostalgia. I'm going with nostalgia.
  15. ❌So you have the Beatles records in there, right? Like wrapped up safe so they don't get bent? It would make me very sad to think that at the end of your trip, those records will come out crushed.
  16. ⭕️They'll be fine.
  17. ❌What did you wrap them in?
  18. ⭕️They'll BE FINE, DUDE.
  19. ❌OK.
  20. ❌I feel like I want to say some Big Important Words to you before we both go. I want to say some big kind of thing.
  21. ⭕️It's okay, Ben. You've already said a lot. We've both said a bunch.
  22. ❌I want to stay in touch with you!
  23. ⭕️Nu-uh. No. Ben, we can't.
  24. ❌We can't stay in touch?
  25. ⭕️Ben, we've discussed this a billion times.
  26. ❌We can just be friends online or something. We can just...follow each other somehow.
  27. ⭕️I can't.
  28. ❌Why??
  29. ⭕️I just can't. I just can't.
  30. ❌But why?
  31. ⭕️Because we'd be all fine and witty and chatty and whatever like we always are. And then at some point some weeks will pass and some months will pass or whatever and then all of a sudden I'll log on somewhere and you'll have some picture up there with you and your new girlfriend and it will just kill me to see that.
  32. ❌But I really doubt...
  33. ⭕️It will kill me to see it.
  34. ❌But your feelings will fade. I really think we can become friends or something. At least in time. Can you at least think about it.
  35. ⭕️I just can't think about it. I mean. I've thought about it. I've thought about it a lot. And I can't. This needs to be it. Right here. This needs to be the last goodbye. The Last Goodbye.
  36. ❌I don't want it to be the last goodbye. What if I just try to write you or call you anyway.
  37. ⭕️I won't. I just won't engage. Please don't, Ben. Please don't do it. Let's have this be like the end of a Bogart movie. Like...it's all foggy and we're at the train station and we say goodbye and you get on your train and I get on mine and that's it. And we have the feels and, you know, SOME happy memories to get us through.
  39. ❌Ok, no nonono. Just a sec there, Izzie. Come here for just a sec.
  40. ⭕️Whaaaat? Ben, stop it already.
  41. ❌I just want to hug and kiss you one more time.
  42. ⭕️Ugh.
  43. ❌Just one last time, okay?
  44. ⭕️Fiiiiine.
  45. ❌Ahhhh, oh. And I'm going to huff your neck. I have to huff your lilac smell just one more time. What was the name of that brand again?
  46. ⭕️Origins.
  47. ❌Right, Origins. I'm going to get some of that and splash it on my bed pillows.
  48. ⭕️Ben, that's the weirdest.
  49. ❌Okay, it is a little weird. I'll admit it. Izzie, is there a later train? There's still more to say, I think. This can't be the last goodbye for real. It seems too rushed.
  50. ⭕️I can't leave later. I have to get there by 3 to be able to get the bus the rest of the way. And you have a plane to catch and an interview to be rested for and...this is it, Ben. This is it. The final it.
  51. ❌Well I love you.
  52. ⭕️Ben.
  53. ❌I do, I will always love you and remember our couple years warmly.
  54. ⭕️Ben, I will remember them well, too. We had some good times.
  55. ‼️ALL 'BOARD!
  56. ❌Oh, oh oh, Izzie, not yet.
  57. ⭕️I gotta, man. Everyone is in the train! I gotta get in, too. Now give me a frickin' hug and then let's take one last look at each other and then let's hit the tracks.
  58. ❌OK. Ok. G'bye, Izzie.
  59. ⭕️G'bye, Ben.
  60. ❌And good luck with...everything. I hope it all happens for you. I hope everything happens.
  61. ⭕️Thanks, Ben. Okay, bye.
  62. ❌Bye, sparkler.
  63. ❌⭕️
  64. ❌_________⭕️
  65. ❌______________________⭕️
  66. ❌______________________________________⭕️