I'll make it an open list in case I missed someone.
  1. @mindy - Why Not Me? - #2 on the combined print/ebook nonfiction list
  2. @bjnovak - The Book With No Pictures - #6 on the children's picture book list
  3. @jenny - P. S. I Still Love You - #9 on the young adult hardcover list
  4. @jenny - To All the Boys I've Loved Before - #10 on the young adult hardcover list
  5. @HarperLee - Go Set a Watchman - #10 on the combined print/eBook fiction list
  6. @mindy - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - #13 on the paperback nonfiction list
  7. This isn't meant to be celebrity-worship, by the way. I'm just pointing out how wonderful it is that BJ and @list are able to get so many amazing writers to be part of this community. I know there are many other former NYT bestseller writers on here also and even a Pulitzer winner or two.
  8. Yay books!
  9. -
  10. *According to the NYT web site, not the Sunday print edition