1. Listfecta
    When you get a Like, Relist and Comment from the same person at the same time.
  2. #ListTag
    Like a #hashtag, But in List App.
  3. BJeweled 💎
    When your list gets any kind of interaction from @bjnovak
  4. Quadruplist
    When you get a Like, Relist, Comment and Follow from the same person at the same time.
  5. List Apathy
    When you read an entire list and it invokes no emotions within you of any kind
  6. Listspiring
    Actually, @originalamericantrt coined this one. But I STOLE IT. It means something that inspires you to make a list.
  7. Listogram
    A list of just photos. The photos are square. Like Instagram's.
  8. Listango
    The dance you do in real life when you love a list SO SO MUCH.
    When you LOL at a list.
  10. Coincilist
    When you post a list about a sort of obscure thing and someone else posts a list about the same exact thing at the same exact time.
  11. Lonelist
    Poor little lists with no Likes at all.
  12. Dicklist
    A list that @ mentions a bunch of celebrities just to try to get attention from said celebrities.
  13. Invisiblist
    How you feel when someone comments @ someone else who has blocked you. 😢
  14. Lysterical
    How you feel when List App crashes and your unsaved list draft evaporates into Internet steam.
  15. Sniglists
    Words @ChrisK makes up (or appropriates) about List App.
  16. Listmate
    Someone you interact with often on List App.
  17. Listeem
    A feeling of high regard you have for a list author.
  18. B'listery
    The raw feeling you get on your fingertips after tapping out a really long list on your iPhone keyboard.
  19. Listification
    When you start thinking in lists IRL.
  20. A listurgy
    A preachy list
  21. Slister
    A list about your sister
  22. A listerine
    A surprisingly effervescent and refreshing list
  23. Backlist
    All your old lists
  24. Draftwood
    List drafts that will never see the light of day
  25. Ancient Listory
    Lists from over 24 weeks ago
  26. Conversationalist
    A list that gets a million comments but very few Likes
  27. Sublist
    A list or list comment that refers to a particular user without directly mentioning them, typically as a form of furtive mockery or criticism. (I probably didn't coin this either.)
  28. Listgasm
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    What happens inside you when your list becomes the top-trending one