1. Twas the first of December
  2. And all over the map,
  3. People thought about presents
  4. For peeps on List App...
  5. REMEMBER: If you want to take part in List App Secret Santa, please sign up today by 11:59 pm Eastern USA time:
  6. At the moment there are 300+ people signed up all over the Earth. Whoa!
  7. I wonder what we can do to get some folks from America's Great Plains to sign up??
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  8. I wonder if Joe Biden will sign up so someone will get Vice Presents from the Vice President.
  9. I wonder if an astronaut on the International Space Station will sign up because PRESENTS FROM OUTER SPACE
  10. Also remember that it is Giving Tuesday. @list has a great list/challenge about that here:
  11. In addition to giving to charity/worthy causes today, consider giving in other ways, year-round. I started/underwrite an annual creative writing contest for local high school students which fills me with all the warm fuzzies:
  12. Also remember if you signed up early but never emailed me your List App handle, please email it to me at chriskubica@gmail.com.
  14. 🎄😍🎁🎄😍🎁🎄😍🎁🎄😍🎁