Non-denominational. Atheists (like me) welcome.
  1. Suggest the hideous sins you have committed lately and Father Chris will offer, prayer, penance and absolution.
  2. Semi molestation
    I coach little league for 9-10 year olds during the summer. We won our championship game the other day and in the midst of the excitement I may or may not have slapped a small boy's butt
    Suggested by @jcspesh
  3. I once ate the last granola bar in the cupboard
    It belonged to my girlfriend, @carolinek and I didn't ask if it was alright to take. This was about 2 years ago but it's been weighing down on my conscience ever since. Wow it feels good to finally admit this.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  4. As for me: I confess. I started WWII. Sorry, everyone. I also started the War of 1812.
  5. I have been sincerely hoping that my plumbing problems don't come back until after is sell my house.
    Pretty sure this is both immoral and illegal.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  6. I stole my friend Marcus' TI-89 graphing calculator in 2009.
    He loaned it to me because I had a pre-calc exam and I'd forgotten mine at home. I never gave it back, saying time after time that I'd left it at home and would bring it to school tomorrow but never following through. I think I may have done this because @aprilkquioh stole my calculator earlier in the year?
    Suggested by @Olivia
  7. I Dicklisted once, maybe twice, depending on how picky we are being with definitions. 🌵
    Suggested by @alimi