Sorry if any of this is already on another list or if you are working on these items already. :)
  1. The ability to like comments
  2. There's a notification down here that I can't seem to get to go away
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  3. For longer form lists, it would be great to be able to type in a web browser
  4. Filters
  5. The ability to see a compacted view of your feed only showing list names
  6. The ability to attach sounds and or videos to list items
  7. Maybe some more ability to format and style text in your list
  8. The ability to comment on specific list items
  9. The little + follow button on a list of users often mistakenly takes you to the user's profile page. Make that button bigger or the tap target bigger?
  10. A faster way to get back to a draft list that you are working on
  11. The ability to create your own sets of favorite lists
  12. Private lists
  13. A way to import text files you've written into lists, and to export lists you've written into text
    Suggested by @mattselman
  14. Ability to edit comments you write
    I hate making typos and it's obviously too embarassing to delete if someone has already responded 🙈
    Suggested by @brooke
  15. A second confirmation if you want to delete a list.
    Accidentally did this and it was gone too quickly, FOREVER 😭
    Suggested by @brooke
  16. The ability to delete or edit suggestions
    Suggested by @teo
  17. The ability to turn a comment into a suggestion
  18. If you switch to a different app in the middle of writing a draft and haven't saved it yet, often the draft will evaporate
    Very frustrating. So maybe autosave?
  19. While looking at one list, you also see links to other lists with the exact same name (like "3 Truths and a Lie" etc)
  20. When you are looking at someone's profile, the ability to see if they follow you
  21. Ability to market a list read or unread in your feed and the ability to filter on read status as well
  22. Clickable @ links in list items and list descriptions.
  23. Organize your likes/see just your likes
  24. Private messages to people who follow you
  25. Ability to import lists
  26. Copy paste of big paragraphs into list item comments chops off text