Feel free to suggest items to put in the refrigerator but everything MUST be removed on Fridays or it will be thrown out! I see a few other people's lunches are already in there.
  1. Chris's bacon-peanut butter yogurt, kale popsicles, gluten-free gluten and tater tot kabobs.
  2. @gwcoffey's leftover Hillsborough Barbecue and Urban Cookies Bakeshop cupcakes
  3. @mlb's Lacroix seltzers and Carlo Rossi sangria
  4. @evan's kosher ham
  5. George Carlin's meat-cake leftovers
    If you get this obscure cultural reference, I adore you.
  6. @mandi's diet cokes - you can have one as long as it's not the last one. If you have the last one you are dead to me.
    Suggested by @mandi
  7. @lilydiamond's stevia root beers. I will prob try to give you one and you will prob be scared. Oh, and some nutritional yeast for when we make office popcorn (@sally @mollyyeh).
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  8. A slice of the leftover rhubarb pie my mom made yesterday for dessert when Isabel and I went to visit.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  9. 60 blocks of cheddar
    Just testing some macaroni recipes this week, don't mind me, if you take any I'm fining you
    Suggested by @mollyyeh