1. Your obituary
    After you die, how would you like your life to be summed up in list format?
  2. Your scars, chronologically
    With pictures. And stories of how you got the scars. And maybe not just physical scars.
  3. If asked to give a college commencement address, what would you say?
  4. The last five times you cried
    And the stories to go with the cries.
  5. Books that changed your worldview
  6. Pivotal moments in your life and what changed in you
  7. What gets you excited
    Like what gets you out of bed each morning? What pushes you forward? And, ok, sure, sexually excited.
  8. Which songs do you blast loudly when you're alone in your car?
  9. Who are your heroes?
  10. Life tips
    How to do stuff. How to make stuff. Except fruit cake because those are gross.
  11. Which five people would like meet and why
  12. A list where you interview yourself
  13. How you and your siblings (or parents) are alike/different
  14. Your fetishes
    Not just sexual ones
  15. Your prized possessions
    And why you prize them
  16. Your new year's resolutions
    And how successful or not you were at achieving them
  17. What is the meaning of life to you
  18. Why you do/do not believe in God
  19. Which five people, living or dead, would you like to meet?
    And why
  20. What are your favorite things to cook?
  21. Which foods do you hate?
  22. Where would you like to visit and why?
  23. Computers you have had, chronologically
  24. People you'd like to "curiosity bone"
    Thanks to @mlb for teaching me this term
  25. Your favorite quotes
  26. Your favorite apps
  27. Your favorite go-to sources of news
  28. Your favorite funny videos
    With links so I can watch them and LOL all over the goddam place
  29. A collaborative ListApp short story written by all of us
  30. A picture of the sunset by all of us ListApp-ers from our point of view on the same day
  31. Your favorite wars
    JK. All wars are bad and if you like wars you are also bad.
  32. Things you know you should probably throw away but have not
    And why you have not
  33. Your biggest regrets
    Or what in your life you wish you could do over again
  34. Your best (or worst) qualities
  35. Which five things would you grab/save if your house/apartment caught fire
  36. How would you amend the Constitution?
    Or whatever your country's goddam founding document is called
  37. Which swear words do you use most often?
  38. What is your dream job description?
  39. What do you think the world will be like in the year 2100?
  40. Which emoji do you wish existed?
    I wish there was a bananafish because 🍌🐟 is sooooo inefficient
  41. Girl Scout Cookies, ranked
  42. Bad hairstyles you've had or outfits you've worn WITH PICTURES
  43. Diets you have tried
    And how well they worked. Or didn't.
  44. What is currently in your pocketses*?
    *pockets. Or your purse. Or wallet. Or backpack. Or pantry. Or trunk. Or nose.
  45. Lists by people other than Americans
    No offense, Americans. P. S. I'm an American, too.
  46. Good night. Please relist. And everyone write all these (and @ me!) so I may read them in the morning. Thank you most kindly.