1. How to build a shoddy bomb casing out of used pinball machine parts
  2. Your mom's favorite sexual positions
  3. Here are photos of all of my socks including individual photos of the left socks and the right socks and the stories behind how I came to own each socks
  4. Why I think "Jesus's" should be correct grammar
  5. Bodily fluids, ranked
  6. All my orgasms, chronologically
  7. Songs I have never listened to
  8. The twelve inches between 1 inch and 1 foot, ranked
  9. The next winning Powerball numbers
  10. Lists I might be good at making if you request one
  11. Lists I would not be good at making at all
  12. Who is John Galt?
  13. What's in my refrigerator
  14. Commonly misspelled words and how to misspell them even worse
  15. Photos from your iPhone that I hacked at random
  16. You make a list and I'll relist the same items in a different order according to my mood just then
  17. Photos of things you can't make out because it was too dark
  18. Books I thought were just so-so. You probably don't need to bother reading them.
  19. A recipe for something but with all the ingredient amounts way out of correct proportion so it turns out inedible
  20. Pillows in my house, ranked by plushness
  21. Questions for commonly given answers
  22. A how-to list but with several crucial steps left out
  23. My favorite bar codes
  24. Jokes without the punchlines
  25. Phrases that are almost palindromes but not quite like, "A man, a plan, a canal, the Suez Canal!"
  26. Famous quotations but attributed to the wrong people
  27. The letter A, alphabetically
  28. Where your car keys are, chronologically