I'm very late to the MM party! A MM virgin! First time watching! Here are my thoughts! Okay!
  1. All the cigarettes!
  2. All the drinks!
  3. All the drinks drunk all day long!
  4. All the well-stocked bars!
  5. All the Brylcreem®!
  6. All the well-positioned bodies, sheets and clothing to avoid showing nudity!
  7. All the super fancy nightgowns!
  8. All the pointy bras!
  9. All the wallpaper!
  10. All the wood paneling!
  11. All the typewriters!
    And typewriter covers! And why don't we cover computers!
  12. All the soap flakes!
  13. All the hair-curler hairdos!
  14. All the rotary phones!
  15. All the infidelity!
  16. All the sex without cleaning up after!
  17. All the hats!
  18. All the loud, patterned dresses!
  19. All the pregnant people smoking and drinking!
  20. All the retro modern decor!
  21. All the tie clips!
  22. All the conspicuously-absent children!
  23. All the diminutives for women!
  24. All the styles of eyeglasses that you can now buy at Warby Parker!
  25. All the finely-dressed wait staff!
  26. All the glass tabletops and candy dishes!
  27. All the gaudy wall art!
  28. All the songs with snapping fingers!
  29. All the ugly curtains!
  30. All the absent fathers!
  31. All the lady's gloves!
  32. All the unlikeable characters!
  33. All the now-defunct brands like Pan Am®!
  34. All the stupid flashbacks!
    Is there any show ever that never once used a flashback I'd like to know!
  35. All the secrets!
  36. All the suspenders!