1. Allow me to introduce you to ListApper, Maggie. AKA @mlb
  2. Follow her. She is smart and funny.
  3. She likes whales and sort of believes in ghosts.
  4. Now I will show you around her house.
  5. Here is the beautiful sitting area on her front porch. You feel so welcomed, don't you??
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  6. There's a gorgeous wreath on her door.
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  7. She has a well-stocked liquor cabinet.
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  8. She catches and releases bugs.
  9. She has a dog named Attie with differently-colored eyes.
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    Short for Atticus Finch
  10. Here's her cat, Asi.
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    Short for Asiago. His nickname is The Cheese.
  11. She has a daddy long legs named Stanley.
    I didn't take his picture because creepy.
  12. She arranges books by color.
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  13. And decorates the bathrooms with hammers.
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  14. She's reading A Confederacy of Dunces!
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  15. She plays the harp!
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  16. But has no dining room chairs.
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  17. She has a 500-year-old plate.
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  18. And sometimes, at night, she'll walk the dog and look at the stars.
  19. And she might take you.
  20. Maggie.
  21. The End.