It's 2015 and I need more home automation, dammit! Here are some machines and robots you need to invent for me so that I may slothy as all get-out:
  1. Laundry folder
  2. Laundry unloader
  3. Laundry put-away-er
  4. Dishwasher unloader
  5. Toilet scrubbing robot
  6. Take the trash can to the curb-er
  7. Get the trash can from the curb-er
  8. Toilet unclogger bot
  9. Bed maker
  10. Fitted sheet folder
  11. Recycling sorter
  12. Mail getter
  13. Remote control retriever
  14. Person cleaner
    I have to get in the shower and wash myself? In the 21st century??
  15. Get me something from the fridge-er
  16. Cook me delicious dinner-er
  17. Make my favorite cocktail-er
  18. Fetch me a bottle of beer-er
  19. Automatic cuddler
  20. Clean us after sex-er
  21. Ego boost-er
  22. Toe nail clipper-er
  23. Go refill my coffee-er
  24. Meeting attender
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  25. Job do-er
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  26. List maker
    Suggested by @gwcoffey