Or that exist only as made-for-TV crap
  1. The Catcher in the Rye
  2. The Stars My Destination
  3. Franny & Zooey
    With @zoe as Franny and some actor named Francis as Zooey
  4. A Confederacy of Dunces
    I think this might be finally coming out
  5. The Man Who Folded Himself
  6. One Hundred Years of Solitude
  7. The Fall
  8. House of Leaves
  9. We
  10. Pale Fire
  11. Maus
  12. The Mezzanine
    Nicholson Baker
  13. The Silent Gondoliers
  14. At the Mountains of Madness
  15. The Left Hand of Darkness
  16. Below the Root
    Zilpha Keatley Snyder
  17. A Wrinkle in Time
  18. I Want My Hat Back
  19. The Stand
    Think this is happening
  20. Infinite Jest
    So I don't have to fucking read it
  21. Blood Meridian
  22. Bitch Planet
    Based on the awesome comic book series
  23. Finnegans Wake
  24. The Civil War by Shelby Foote
    In 112 installments
  25. Troutfishing in America
  26. Grendel
  27. Dante's Divine Comedy
  28. The Secret Historu
    Suggested by @saraivry
  29. The Simpsons
    But not a cartoon