1. Once upon a time (several years ago), I was getting divorced. I had rented a room in a house and lived for a time with two other guys who were also getting divorces.
  2. I didn't like them, so I spent as little time at home as possible. I opted instead to work late into the night at a coworking space downtown.
  3. One night, I was in my office. Everyone else had gone home. I was all alone.
  4. I started drinking Jim Beam from a bottle I for some reason had with me.
  5. Before too long, I was a bit drunk. I had finished my work and was sort of absently surfing the Web...reading news articles, watching funny YouTube videos, falling into Tumblr rabbit holes.
  6. Somehow, I ended up on the Wikipedia article about dimples.
  7. It's a pretty short, not-very-great article in my opinion.
  8. But anyway, I was drunk. And since I'd always been told by people how cute my dimples were, I decided in my drunken state to take a picture of myself and upload it to the dimple article.
  9. If I recall correctly, the article at that time only had one picture of a woman with dimples. So I thought it would be informative for Wikipedia readers if there was an example of a male dimple as well. You know. Because of science.
  10. So I smiled, all dimpled out, took a photo of myself and uploaded it to the article. I think I wrote a caption that went something like "Middle-aged man with dimples. One dimple has turned into a wrinkle."
  11. And then I went home and passed out.
  12. A few weeks later, my dimple pic was still there! And a few weeks after that, it was also still there.
  13. But then at some point, someone edited the article and replaced my picture with that of some other dimpled people.
  14. And that was kind of the end of it.
  15. But then like a year later, someone had reinstated the version of the article that had my picture!
  16. And then later on, someone edited me out of the article again.
  17. But I was proud to be able to represent dimples for all of humanity for however long my picture was up there.
  18. And if you dig back into old versions of the article, you can still see me. Grinning. And drunk. And be-dimpled as Hell.
  19. Can you find me?
  20. THE END