1. My kids let me sleep in
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  2. Good coffee be drunken
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    And good grammar be speakened
  3. I read some of a trashy but yummy novel
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  4. I played a video game with my son
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  5. Charlie made me this amazing piece of art
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    He says it is called "The North Pole." Trippy!
  6. Izzie made me this amazing piece of art
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    Though she said "the perspective on the vent is 'effed up', Dad!"
  7. I got to use a whisk
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  8. There was homemade breakfast with bacon and with little people I love
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  9. And there was lazing around, happily out of focus
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  10. These trees and this sun
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  11. We worked on a Little Free Library
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  12. I talked to my own Dad
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    (He has Stage III lung cancer. I fear this will be his last Father's Day.)
  13. I thought about all the other dads I know and love 👳🏾👱🏻👲🏾👫👯 like @gwcoffey
  14. We saw a movie
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    I cried. So did all the other adults.
  15. We went outside and enjoyed the heat
    For a little while anyway
  16. We typed love letters to each other on an old typewriter
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  17. I only told 3 dad jokes
    Honest! Ok, 4.
  18. There be Guinness
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  19. Happy Fathers Day to the other dads on ListApp, including you, @bjnovak and @dev (the fathers of ListApp) and @BillNovak, the grandfather of ListApp!! 🎉🎊🎈