My opinions only, of course! YMMV. Love, butts and cupcakes!
  1. Have a photo
    I wanna see your beautiful mug!
  2. Have a bio and maybe a link to your online presence so I know a little about you so I may be an effective list-requester
  3. Like lists they like
  4. Creep waaaaay down into my old lists and like those, too
    Which shows you have taken an interest in knowing what makes another ListApp-er tick.
  5. Re-list lists they really like
  6. Re-list new people to give them exposure
  7. Follow people whose lists they really like
  8. Make lists
    Come on no-listers! 😀 Don't be shy! We love you!
  9. But not too many lists
    I've made over 300. Oops. I'm trying to settle into a pattern of 1-2 high quality lists per day.
  10. Make lists that are of interest to others sometimes
    Try not to make all your lists inside jokes or self-focused. I wanna be able to connect with you!
  11. Request lists of others that shows that they've read a ListApp-er's lists and bio
  12. Like, re-list and comment on lists they request
  13. Make relevant suggestions for lists
  14. Make meaningful comments to lists
  15. Do not over-tag celebrity ListApp-ers
  16. Put it out there
    People seem to connect with personal, honest, vulnerable lists
  17. Accept suggestions made to their lists when they're appropriate, worthy suggestions
    This shows that you read them and that you care. Awwww.
  18. Reply to comments when possible
  19. Never know what will trend, so are creative!
    I thought my writing tips list might get some traction. But I had no idea people would like to know everything under my ass (a list I thought was a throwaway written late at night while drunk).
  20. Push the format
    I love being surprised and delighted by new ways to list
  21. Nice
    There's nothing worse than a mean-spirited list.