1. The stormtrooper in the center of the back row who is very hard-working and is dating an R2 "pleasure unit"
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  2. The far left stormtrooper who likes to keep to himself but has a most impressive toy taun taun collection
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  3. The far right stormtrooper who is good at the stormtrooper marching
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  4. The dirty, dusty right stormtrooper who is looking so diligently for Jedi
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  5. The front left stormtrooper who is super fierce but often has blisters on his feet and has to put Stormtrooper Foot Ointment #12 on them
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  6. The blurry stormtrooper who, deep inside, knows he's really a snowtrooper
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  7. The stormtrooper
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  8. The smoky stormtrooper in the middle who recently unfriended me on the Facebook
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  9. The stormtrooper with the delicious ass
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  10. The angry stormtrooper who is lasering
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  11. The stormtrooper breaking the fourth wall
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  12. The depressed stormtrooper who is stressed and overworked trying to meet the Emperor's unrealistic deadline
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  13. The smiling stormtrooper
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  14. The frowning stormtrooper
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  15. The laughing stormtrooper. Do you see him?
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