I've known Tim since 2nd grade. He visited me this week.
  1. When he first arrived, he looked at an old junior high yearbook.
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  2. We went to eat at the Spotted Dog restaurant.
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  3. We saw this weird book in a gift shop
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  4. We walked around UNC campus on Graduation Day
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  5. Tim sat in this rocker
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  6. I sat in this one
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  7. Tim did this on a giant sundial
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  8. We went to a lacrosse game
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  9. Timbo
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  10. We walked and talked
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  11. We played backgammon
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  12. We ate Korean food at Harry's house
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  13. We went to Sarah P. Duke Gardens
  14. We had coffee at Caffe Driade
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  15. Selfie
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  16. My friend, Tim