What did YOU think of the season? The Subreddit for this list is down in the comments. 👍
  2. They over-rely on flashbacks to fill in backstory.
    And I so don't care about when Caputo was young and in a band and hair.
  3. They really wanted me to start caring about Pennsyltucky and I just don't.
    She's evil.
  4. Uzo Aduba is by far the best actress.
    By far.
  5. Not much happens. What was the rising action and climax of the season? Their wasn't one.
    Selling illegal panties. Oooooo. Kosher meals. Bla. Healey's marital issues. Zzzzzzzz.
  6. Meh all the stuff with various characters and their silly religious beliefs and sects.
  7. So Piper isn't a main character anymore?
    And oooo she's tougher now and more jaded, I guess? She The Godfather? LOL
  8. Meh the corporate takeover. It doesn't seem realistic.
  9. Is there one guard who isn't an idiot, criminal or a terrible person? The one combat veteran guy was okay, but then he jets.
  10. The only prisoner I really care about/am interested in this season is Sophia. And maybe Soso. Ok and Nicky. But NO ONE ELSE.
  11. The whole thing just seems very soap opera-y. Which it is, of course.
  12. Next season I'll bet there's a prison riot and a worker strike. And a terrorist attack. Or whatever.
  13. Let's add a sexy, tattooed new Piper love interest. Y'ok.
  14. Red used to be vicious. Now she's sort of a clown. Remember when she was captain of Stark Trek: Voyager?
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  15. The show doesn't really know what it wants to be. I guess it's a dramedy? It used to be WAY funnier. Did some of the good writers leave?
  16. The security in the entire facility seems really lax. Is it like that IRL? Like holes in fences and guards taking prisoners to get ice cream and shit?
  17. I was kind of hoping Lorna would have a total psychotic break. But noooooooo.
  18. The music is cheesy.
  19. They have War and Peace in the prison library!
  20. Fucking Norma. I hate her like I hate Jar Jar.
  21. I kept thinking that one actress was Ellen Degeneres.
  22. Danny's Dad. Bleh.
  23. Did you catch the Star Wars reference in the last episode?
  24. Piper's panties speech was an amazing moment. And when Cindy becomes "Jew-ish." And the lake scene.
  25. Orange is the New BLLLLLAAAARRRRGG!
  26. EVERYONE: Read BITCH PLANET, an amazing new comic book about a women's prison in space / future dystopia. It is amazing with a great social message.