Inspired by an observation made by (and ensuing discussion with) @mlb
  1. LIST KEY: W = Women. M = Men. BU = Brand/Unknown.
  2. Right now my List Activity shows new lists by 5 W and 1 M.
  3. Right now, in Trending Lists, there are (at least that I can see) lists by 22 W, 6 M and 2 BU.
  4. My most recent list was liked by 11 W and 1 M.
  5. My next most recent list was liked by 37 W, 3 M and 1 BU.
  6. Now that I think about it, the above ratio of W to M to BU is very often like this in my feed(s).
  7. Why, I wonder?
  8. Please note that these are observations from my microscopic vantage point and by no means any sort of science.
  9. Social media is fascinating.
  10. Relevant article:
  11. What are your observations? Thoughts?