Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. Crazy how many grandmothers can fit in one phone booth, isn't it, Rupert?
  2. How about we go to the DMV and renew our drivers licenses even though we don't have to for another couple years?
  3. Right now I think the best thing to do is to put all of my Beatles records in the recycling bin and stomp them to bits.
  4. I would like the table over there near former Vice President Dick Cheney, please.
  5. Shoot this AK-47 at my private parts.
  6. 🔵
  7. Kitten soup with puppy meat in it sounds delicious, thank you.
  8. Unless my body has somehow become a tropical rainforest, please don't pour that pail of poison dart frogs into my underpants.
  9. Bible Study Camp sounds like a wonderful way to spend a few weeks this summer, thanks for asking.
  10. I would never waste my time reading books!
  11. Can anyone recommend a good fascist dictator?
  12. Actually, I prefer listening to lectures on accounting and financial statistics to sex.
  13. 🔵