In case you are at any of these stores, feel free to use my savings cards to get discounts. These are all free programs so I'm not robbing any corporations so RELAX. Also, please post your Piggly Wiggly card. Thanks.
  1. Harris Teeter Vic card
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  2. Food Lion MVP Customer card
    65ea7995 127a 4f0c b39b 7fe65133d862
  3. Kroger plus rewards card
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  4. Ingles advantage card
    A40d8b82 dbca 408f a9c7 c2927afe874b
  5. CVS Extracare card
    73463130 2922 4420 a0bd fa822d187408
  6. Best Buy rewards zone
    F55994bc 9e2d 4ec2 aaa8 3c97ec447b2f
  7. A. C. Moore rewards card
    2941b601 a6fe 4912 bda0 d0d7f2621a71
  8. My pool pass
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  9. Also, you can have this Apple sticker I have plenty
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  10. And here are buttons to a shirt I no longer have
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