Because @tombatten made a list about visiting @list and so I'm getting all up in his bandwagon grill
  1. You enter through this round door
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  2. Then head down this long, dark hallway. That's @dev by the window. He was thinking about whether to add a "Calming Manatee" button to all lists, I'm told, and we were not to disturb him.
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  3. Now you go down these stairs
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  4. And past the dragon room. Apparently @sophia hangs out in here sometimes. This room is warmer (and more dangerous) than all the others.
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  5. On your left, the first room you'll come to is the Bullet Point Room. All bullets for The List App lists are hand-tooled, stainless steel, painted black. BJ let me have these couple, hot out of the bullet point forge, as souvenirs. They each weight a half pound!
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  6. The next room on your right: the Numbers Room. All numbers for numbered lists are carved out of renewable mahogany, grown exclusively for The List App.
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  7. New beta features are constantly in the works. Here is @Nicholas and one of the developers working on something called "3-D Lists."
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  8. This is @bjnovak's office. Where the magic happens.
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  9. This is the paper storage closet.
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  10. The chairs in the lobby were of a sort of newer (European?) design. I did not sit there long.
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  11. All visitors are branded. Ouch! Here is mine:
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  12. Every employee apparently gets a company car! Very cool.
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  13. BJ let me out the back door. Thanks for the tour! And I ❤️ the logowear!
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