(Okay, back to lists that aren't about lists)
  1. One.
  2. It's called RAGE.
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  3. He wrote it in 1965 and it was published under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman, in 1977.
  4. The novel tells the story of a troubled teen who enters his high school, fatally shoots his algebra teacher and then terrorizes/holds a whole class of kids hostage for hours.
  5. Yeah, you know where this is going, don'tcha?
  6. The book sold several thousand copies. No biggie.
  7. But then, over the course of the 1980s and 90s, 4 or 5 whacko teen boys used the book, in part, as a blueprint/inspiration for their own, in-real-life school shootings.
  8. You can still buy the Bachman Books anthology, but nowadays, RAGE is not included.
  9. It is a great read, actually.
  10. Mr. King discusses his views on gun control/ownership and why he pulled RAGE from store shelves in his Kindle Single, "Guns."
  11. It, too, is a good read.
  12. And thank Tesla no one has tried to pull off a copy-cat crime and mass-murder some people with a haunted car or a giant dome or a rabid dog or a strange mist or with telekinetic powers!