I'm reluctant to post this due to potential backlash, but posting seems braver than not posting, so I'm going for it. Maybe we can have a reasoned debate about it in the comments.
  1. With respect, how about we don't ever call stuff in someone's dating profile "dumb"?
  2. Further, how about we not make fun of *anything* people write in their online dating profile?
  3. And how about we don't call what people write in their online dating profile "cliche"?
  4. -
  5. If you find someone's dating profile offensive, block or report them.
  6. If someone's dating profile violates the dating site's user agreement, report it.
  7. If someone's online dating profile does not persuade or interest you and/or turns you off, DO NOT MESSAGE OR DATE THEM.
  8. But calling people out/ridiculing people for not being as clever or as creative a writer as you think you are/everyone else should be is mean-spirited.
  9. Remember that there are many people, surely, that connect, have a good time and fall in love based on different criteria than you do. Your turn-offs are not everyone else's turn-offs.
  10. Surely—for every person who finds pleasure in making fun of someone's online dating profile—there is another person with an online dating profile similar to the one that everyone is making fun of and that person now potentially feels sad or inadequate or ashamed.
  11. Stereotyping and marginalizing is bad.
  12. Don't shame people.
  13. Be tolerant.
  14. Be kind.
  15. Thanks for reading and considering my views.
  16. Relevant list:
  17. Note that I'm not calling out Gabi specifically or exclusively...hers was merely the most recent of many lists (and other social media posts) with the same basic topic of "LOL let's all make fun of these unwitting, hapless single people."