1. We love The Book With No Pictures by @bjnovak at my house. Here are some cash money follow up ideas.
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  2. The book with no words
  3. The book with all pictures
  4. The words with no book
  5. The app with no pictures
  6. The atlas with no maps
  7. The album with no songs
  8. The book with no title
  9. The encyclopedia with no articles
  10. The blog with no entries
  11. The poem with no stanzas
  12. The play with no scenes
  13. The novel with no plot
  14. The short story collection with no stories
  15. The comic strip with no panels
  16. The comic strip with no Garfield
  17. The movie with no footage
  18. The commencement speech with no advice
  19. The list with no items
  20. The concert with no acts
  21. The song with no notes
  22. The Broadway musical with no music
  23. The dictionary with no definitions
  24. The Thesaurus with no antonyms
  25. The joke with no punchline
  26. The rider with no clauses
  27. The foreign film with no subtitles
  28. The book with no author
  29. The book with no readers
    The saddest book of all
  30. The book of pictures of B.J. Novak
    Suggested by @J