1. Put peas in your morning coffee in place of sugar cubes
  2. Strings a bunch of peas together and make a pea garland for your July Christmas tree
  3. Drop peas off the balcony of your apartment and make people think it is raining peas and they are in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie 🐸
  4. Put a handful of frozen peas right into the front of your underpants for a cool, refreshing, summer treat
  5. Use a few peas to prop up the book you are reading
  6. Snort peas. Freebase some peas on a metal spoon. FACT: Peas are non-habit-forming.
  7. Is someone's birthday coming up? What better way to say "I love you!" than with the gift of peas.
  8. Have an All Pea Dinner Party. If dinner guests ask if they should bring anything, go ahead and tell them to bring peas.
  9. Play marbles but instead of using marbles, use peas
  10. Press peas in a book and then perform Rorschach Tests on your friends and relations with the resulting green smudges
  11. Make pea tacos with pea salsa
  12. Go to a wedding and when everyone else is throwing rice, throw peas
  13. Place a single pea at the end of your bottle rocket before setting it off
  14. Feed your cat peas. And feed your dog peas.
  15. Make a trail of peas from your lover—asleep in the bedroom—and yourself—in the breakfast nook, enjoying your morning pea coffee. In no time at all, your lover will appear, full of peas, ready for some sweet lovin'.