They're supposed to be the worst photos of us ever. So let me see yours.
  1. Chris Kubica
    Mine isn't too terrible. I was just coming out of a shaved head, Steve Jobs phase.
  2. A bouncer didn't think this was me the other night so that's a good sign
    Suggested by   @sky
  3. When bouncers check the pic then look back at me, I smile real big and they always without fail say "I know it's you! You got those big dimples, girl!" So thanks, face indent deformities
    Suggested by   @nina
  4. My roommate and I dressed up for our DMV appointments when we first moved to LA.
    Suggested by   @scotty
  5. It looks just like me but with a tad shorter hair and only hints of a gray beard. It's way gray now. 3 years ago.
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
  6. This one is alright I think. Never sharing my passport one though, counting down the days until that one expires.
    Suggested by   @hannahstark
  7. I lose so many licenses. I'm a pro now. I pack on tons of makeup!
    Suggested by   @T
  8. Imma cheat and add @bjnovak since his driver license photo is his @list avatar
  9. I didn't know I was going to get my picture this day and it was first thing in the morning so I suppose it could be worse.
    Suggested by   @emroth