Does this need an introduction? Just post yours so I can laugh at your hair.
  1. Chris Kubica (1991)
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    I actually think my photo has stood the test of time. But I'd love to tell that little dude what's in store for him over the next quarter century!
  2. Class of '95
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    Suggested by @13spencer
  3. David Seger (2001)
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    Suggested by @DavidSeger
  4. 2008.
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    This is not a bad picture, but it doesn't say a single thing about me. I am certainly not the 'sitting around in white chairs' type.
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  5. TJ (2008) - PROOF.
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    Suggested by @TJ
  6. Class of 2008
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    Just sitting around in this weird velvet black drape they made all the girls wear
    Suggested by @Caitlin
  7. (2011)
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    My hair was never dark brown even though it looks like it was here for some reason
    Suggested by @kristin