1. 1.
    Total Lists: 57,453
  2. 2.
    Total Lists about Star Wars: 8,721
  3. 3.
    Total lists with "Ewok" in the title: 2
    I think this one is actually true
  4. 4.
    Total times lurkers on List App who have never posted a list ALMOST posted a list but then decided not to: 2,455
  5. 5.
    Total times people sent a celebrity a list request that was really just OMG HI HI HI PLEASE FOLLOW ME: 42
  6. 6.
    Total utterly under-appreciated lists: 320
    Especially the one I wrote about the guy stuck in the time loop COME ON THAT WAS GENIUS GUYS
  7. 7.
    Total un-posted drafts that contain a shocking secret about the list author: 556
  8. 8.
    Total un-posted drafts with "Ewok" in the list title: 2
  9. 9.
    Total times @bjnovak has used his Founders-Only "Double Plus Like" button: 1,091
  10. 10.
    Total lists that contain awful dad jokes: 989
  11. 11.
    Total @list founders who have a dad who wrote a book about Lee Iacocca: 1
  12. 12.
    Number of List App users I have given actual, long, lingering hugs to IRL: 4
    I think. But come over. I'll hug you also.
  13. 13.
    Lists @ChrisK wrote that caused someone to block or unfollow him because they had "had it up to here with that goddam guy": 8
  14. 14.
    Total List App users who have "hooked up" and/or "gotten biddy" IRL after meeting on List App: 18
  15. 15.
    Total List App users who are "getting biddy" right this very minute: 3
    Think about that math for a sec
  16. 16.
    Total List App comments that contain overt flirting: 8,301
  17. 17.
    Total List App users who have died while writing a list: 1
  18. 18.
    Total lists we will never read because you people got all shy and deleted them: 3,400
  19. 19.
    Author of the very first list: Alexander Graham Bell
  20. 20.
    Total lists written while driving: 444
    Be careful!
  21. 21.
    Total lists written on the can: 28,789
    Be honest
  22. 22.
    Total times @Vogue should follow @john: 10,000
  23. 23.
    Date of the very best list: October 15, 2015
    And beyond...