That's 21 years. Wow.
  1. My only sibling, my brother Andy
  2. He doesn't like me
  3. I don't know why. No one knows why.
  4. He also doesn't like my Dad
    My Dad recently went through open heart surgery and Stage III lung cancer **at the same time** and my brother did not make contact with my Dad even once. That's cold, dude.
  5. My brother is a pretty grouchy person, I guess?
  6. So if you have siblings and get along with them even a little bit, feel lucky. I wish I had what you have.
  7. Love,
  8. P. S. I wish I had a sister. 💑
  9. P. P. S. What the fuck is up with this emoji:💃🏻
  10. P. P. P. S. I had a step-sister for a few years that I'd had a serious crush on when we were both in high school together. So that was weird. But it was also kind of cool. But mostly it was weird. Now she is my ex-step-sister. But I still talk to her more often than my real brother. Families are very odd things, I think.
  11. 💔
    (Why is the 💔 emoji so hard to find? That should be the first emoji that shows up. Everything is about 💔)
  12. P. P. P. P. S. What do you get when you play a country song backwards?
    You get your car back. You get your dog back. You get your house back. You get your wife back...