...on a Saturday afternoon.
  1. Static
  2. The Never-Buy / The Showroomer
    Stacks of Barnes and Noble books on the table. No snacks or drinks from the cafe. Sitting there all day, reading and reading and reading, never purchasing a thing.
  3. The Have-a-Meeting
    Four people. Two round tables pulled together. Steno pads. Excel®. Coffee with cream in to-go cups. Intense conversing and note-taking. Soft, leather briefcases.
  4. The Wi-Fi
    Surfing the Web, usually on a 15-pound Dell® laptop with stickers all over it. White earbuds. Hard Rock Café® t-shirt.
  5. The Homeworker
    Overstuffed backpack. Battered MacBook® Air. Headphones. Stack of textbooks. One Venti® cappuccino. Gaudy, Forever 21® blouse.
  6. The Old Lady / The Old Guy
    Brought library books and a bottle of orange juice from home. Flip phone. Lots of nose-blowing. Smiling at everyone. Shawl. Bifocals hanging around neck. Napkin with lipstick on it.
  7. The Phone-Talker
    Venti® iced mango tea, sitting by the window, loud smart phone conversation, Bluetooth® earpiece, tube socks, Hawaiian shirt.
  8. The Beats®
    Not reading. Not studying. Just sitting there, wearing a coat in the summertime, jamming to Spotify®. Eyes closed. Smirking.
  9. The Divorced Dad
    17 napkins all over the table and floor, one kid in a seat, one on the dad's lap. Dad gets Grande, iced Americano. Potato chip crumbs, board books, shrieking. Spilled bottle of water. More shrieking. More napkins. Diaper bag.
  10. The Married Couple
    Saying grace before eating identical orange-cranberry scones with knives and forks. Both reading Nook® eBooks on iPad Pros. Bottles of Fuji® water.
  11. The Off-Duty Barrista
    Green visor and apron. Texting. Android® phone with shattered screen. Venti®, caramel Frappucinno®. Table nearest the trash can. Pizza pretzel.
  12. 📘📙☕️🍪📗📕