Add a pic of yourself under one year old!
  1. β€’
    Me (@ChrisK)
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  2. β€’
    Me with my best friend in the whole world, my daddy!
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    Suggested by @olive
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    Yep. I was born on Easter. But this is me as a mouse on Halloween!
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    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
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    #gangsta ...Mom says I'm 13 or 14 months here, but I figured it was close enough.
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    Suggested by @KelseyKapow
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    Drinking a beer on the beach
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    Passed out, naturally
    Suggested by @sky
  6. β€’
    dad and me!
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    Suggested by @RachelP
  7. β€’
    David Bowie had stolen me by this point and turned me into a goblin
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    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
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    I'm the one with the mustache obviously, but here's my baby pic
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    Suggested by @Fatih
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    Suggested by @Caitlin
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    Suggested by @ohheymary
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    There's a couple Chapel Hill people on listapp, I think? You'll appreciate this.
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    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
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    Me showing that I was already over some dumb bullshit.
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    Suggested by @alissamaynot
  13. β€’
    Tiny me and my tinier little brother
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    Suggested by @ohlauren
  14. β€’
    I was once a baby.
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    Suggested by @DavidSeger