Is 2015 better than 1985??
  1. Facebook
    High school reunions. Phone calls. Christmas and birthday cards. Family picnics. Board games. Paper letters. Ice cream socials. Block parties.
  2. Twitter
    Passing notes in class. Breaking News on television.
  3. Pinterest
    Corkboard bulletin boards and pushpins. BBS's. Cookbooks. The Sears Christmas Catalog.
  4. Google Search
    The public library
  5. Open Table
    The phone book and a telephone
  6. Google Image Search
    LIFE Magazine. ViewMasters. Slideshows. Looking through photo albums with Aunt Edna during Thanksgiving.
  7. Google Maps
    Paper maps you could never refold. Stopping and asking other humans for directions.
  8. PayPal
    Money orders. Layaway.
  9. eBay
    A fucking flea market in the Goodwill parking lot
  10. Craig's List
    The newspaper classifieds section
  11. Wikipedia
    The Encyclopedia Brittanica or World Book Encyclopedia or the World Almanac or asking your teacher or the public library
  12. Spotify
    Boomboxes playing mixed tapes. Listening to the radio.
  13. AirBNB
    Holiday Inn
  14. Gmail
    Mailing paper letters. Phone calls. Compuserve. Q-Link.
  15. Ask Jeeves
    An actual smart guy named Jeeves? Or asking the school librarian.
  16. Foursquare
    Just going to stores and restaurants, maybe with a coupon, and not needing to be called Mayor while you're there.
  17. Instagram
    Polaroid cameras. Photography art galleries.
  18. Expedia
    Travel agents
    The ABC/NBC/CBS Nightly News. Your local goddam newspaper.
    K-Mart. Wal-Mart. Sears. JC Penney. Buying local.
  21. OKCupid
    Meeting people at bars, dance clubs or bars
  22. Tinder
    Going clubbing. Hookers. 👯
  23. YouTube
    CRT Television. Your dad's home movies. Reel to reel movies at school.
  24. LinkedIn
    Your paper resume and in-person networking/word-of-mouth
  25. Reddit
    All the creepy, anti-social people you know, but in person
  26. Netflix
    Blockbuster video stores and VHS tapes
  27. Pornhub
    Adult "book" stores. That drawer in your parents's bedroom that you weren't supposed to know about.
  28. Dropbox
    Lots of these 💾💾💾💾
  29. BuzzFeed
    People Magazine
  30. Groupon
    The coupons and store sales inserts in the Sunday newspaper. Blue Light Specials at K-Mart.
  31. Angie's List
    Word-of-mouth. The Yellow Pages.
  32. I vote 1985 was better because at least then we had hover-boards.