1. Good night, MILF
  2. Good night, dwarf planet
  3. Good night and zombies, moon
  4. Good morning, moon
  5. Good bar mitzvah, moon
  6. Good night, cellmate
  7. Good night, ________
  8. [REDACTED], moon
  9. Go the fuck to sleep, moon
  10. The Moon with no pictures
  11. Good night, raccoon
  12. Good night, balloon
  13. You're A Good Moon, Charlie Brown
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  14. Good night, sun
    Haha thats impossible the sun doesn't have a night because it is too bright and keeps itself awake all the time
  15. Good afternoon, moon
  16. Good moon hunting
  17. Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight, moon
  18. Good riddance, moon