That I don't have answers to
  1. How big is the universe?
  2. How did the universe begin?
  3. Why did it begin?
  4. Where did it begin?
  5. How will the universe end?
  6. If the universe is of a finite size, what is beyond the outer perimeter of it?
  7. Is light the fastest thing/particle/wave?
  8. If not, what is faster?
  9. What happens to Chris Kubica when Chris Kubica dies?
  10. Is Chris Kubica something biological? That his personality/memory/abilities/experiences encoded biologically into his body?
  11. Or is what makes Chris Kubica Chris Kubica something beyond science and equations?
  12. If Chris Kubica is merely science and equations, how many terabytes would be required to store him?
  13. Where is the nearest intelligent life beyond The Earth?
  14. How long until humans stop killing each other?
  15. How long until humans stop believing in God and believe in themselves instead?
  16. What is the smallest thing?
  17. Is time travel possible?
  18. Are there alternate universes?
  19. Is it safe?
  20. How will Chris Kubica die?
  21. When will Chris Kubica die?
  22. Why do we laugh?
  23. Why do we love?
  24. Who is John Galt?
  25. ⁉️