Maggie is @mlb and @mlb is Maggie.
  1. That it would be sadder than Thanksgiving in the states
  2. That Icelandic people "don't get it"
  3. That it would be hard to find pumpkin in Iceland
  4. That she doubts anyone goes to Iceland in the winter
  5. That having skyr in Iceland for Thanksgiving is the most un-American thing she has ever heard
  6. That there was not enough daylight in Iceland on Thanksgiving
  7. That she doesn't think there are any other cities in Iceland besides Reykjavik
  8. That it is too cold in Iceland on Thanksgiving
  9. That it is too dark in Iceland on Thanksgiving
  10. That she doesn't like the song they chose in an Iceland tourism YouTube video I sent her
  11. That she thought it was creepy how one person fed another person bread baked in the ground near a hot spring in said video
  12. That she did not find any flights to Iceland around Thanksgiving when she tried a search
  13. That she doubts they have good pie in Iceland
  14. That Icelandic people are like robots
  15. That if we want to see The Northern Lights on Thanksgiving, we can do so in Canada instead of Iceland
  16. That flights to Canada are cheaper than flights to Iceland