I like it better now, too, BUT STILL!
  1. You called a phone number to find out the temperature outside?
  2. Movies premiered at the drive-in?
  3. You payed for things with cash?
  4. You left on a road trip, no one could contact you by phone until you got to a land line and called and told them your hotel room number?
  5. Hotel doors required actual keys?
  6. You hand-wrote papers for school?
  7. You first got a cassette player in your car?
  8. You first heard the sound of a cassette tape rewinding?
  9. The video store charged you $1 if you didn't rewind the tape?
  10. You were at a party and no one could remember that guy that starred in that thing and there was no way to look it up but IT WAS OKAY?
  11. You first logged on using a modem?
  12. You stopped to ask for directions?
  13. You made travel plans through a human being?
  14. You had to drive to a store to pick out a movie to bring home for 24 hours to watch and then bring back?
  15. You paid taxes by neatly printing on forms with a pen?
  16. You found out about breaking news when they would "break into" whatever TV show you happened to be watching?
  17. The most high-tech thing in your pockets or on your body was a digital watch and you were never sure what all four of its buttons did?
  18. You had a paper date book/calendar/organizer?
  19. You used a phonebook to pick a restaurant to go to?
  20. You went to the library to look up something?
  21. You got a second TV in your house?
  22. You got a landline extension in your own bedroom?
  23. You intuitively knew just where to set the radio dial to hear your favorite station?
  24. Gas stations let you pump first and THEN go in and pay?
  25. You sold used things by placing a classified ad in a newspaper?
  26. You would look forward to reading the Sunday funnies?
  27. You watched Saturday morning cartoons for hours?
  28. You collected stickers?
  29. You wore friendship beads?
  30. You flew in a plane, they'd give kids little wings?
  31. Your cell phone only made phone calls and it was amazing?
  32. You balanced your checkbook in a paper ledger?
  33. Your town got its first ATM machine?
  34. Your school got its first computer?
  35. The sound of all the typewriters going at once when you walked past the typing class?
  36. You didn't remember the WordPerfect for DOS function keys?
  37. Your fucking dot matrix printer got jammed AGAIN?
  38. You used a wind-up alarm clock with an actual bell on top?
  39. You made corrections with White Out®?
  40. Seat belts weren't required?
  41. Dentists didn't wear gloves when working in your mouth?
  42. There still was such a thing as "leaded" gasoline?
  43. Your music collection took up physical space?
  44. Going to the mailbox was exciting?
  45. You could get a car started by rolling it and then popping the clutch?
  46. In order to play video games you had to go to the arcade at the mall?
  47. You used a computer all day long that was not on the Internet?
  48. You felt so cool when you got a pager for work
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
  49. You got your first microwave?
  50. You made coffee with a percolator?
  51. You tried to think up funny outgoing messages for your answering machine?
  52. You didn't know where you were because where you were was exactly between pages A6 and A12 in your street atlas?
  53. Going to the video store to rent a Betamax and hoping the new release you wanted wasn't already checked out!
    Suggested by @ktenkely
  54. You played solitaire with actual cards?